This quarter’s list’ll be short and sweet. The previous list can be found here.

Resilient Web Design

Don’t let the huge font (on a desktop) throw you. It’s a good read on the history of the web and its design trends. There’s some good analysis in there.

Traditional Japanese Crafts (Video)

These videos are mesmerizing. I always liked when Mr Rogers or Lavar Burton visited factories to show how stuff was made. These videos are like that, only more zen.

War is a Racket

Written 90 years ago by a decorated US general, this is one of the most thought provoking things I’ve read in a while. A quick read that sticks with you.

Joel Spolsky on Understanding Developers

Joel gets it. I can’t say how critical this is for HR/managers to undersand. Quiet, focused environments are the best gift you can give your developers. Distraction-free, private offices or work from home.

Tufte Font

This isn’t a read, just a good resource, (maybe I should start calling these entries quarterly good finds). Anyway, I thought I’d throw this in. It’s the font from Tufte’s books available as a free webfont.