This is my second quarterly list of good reads. The first can be found here.

An Intro to Functional Programming – Scott Wlaschin (Video)

Probably the best introduction I’ve seen.

Can We Have a Sustainable Economy? – Graham Turner (Video)

I’m a bit skeptical of the data modeling he mentions, simply because we are almost always terrible at predictive modeling. That said, the model he mentions seems to have played out very well so far.

The Super Tiny Compiler

A really well commented, simple compiler written in JavaScript. If you have ever been interested in how compilers are made, check this out.

Wy I Don’t Use CSS Preprocessors

This is an interesting, counter-cultural read. At work, we have a grindingly slow deployment due to SCSS compilation of loads of custom styles. These could relatively easily be written as CSS and my tests show it would shave 8-9 minutes off of our 11 minute deploy.

How to Become a Better Public Speaker (Video)

Really good (and fun!) presentation on how to become a more effective public speaker.

The Software Engineer’s Guide to Negotiating a Raise

This was a great read. It’s a touchy subject. Something I’m terrible at doing, but super important. Check it out.

Teaching Binary Arithmetic to Children Via the Socratic Method

Sounds boring? It’s not. Fascinating read, and a great explanation of binary arithmetic!

The Web Is Slow. Here’s Why.